When the Colts moved

When the Colts moved to Indianapolis, Unitas asked that his name be taken out of the Colts media guide because he said he never played in Indianapolis. When the Ravens came into existence and Art Modell tried to root the team in the hearts of Baltimore football fans, he paid Unitas to stand on the sideline at games; Modell was paying for Unitas’ approval of the Ravens. Unitas was broke from bad investments and some people saw it as mercenary and embarrassing for Unitas to be used that way.

Moreover, the National Park in Vicksburg is the only Park in the State of Mississippi that has experience revenue and vistor growth. Our inland Port is now at capacity. There is no room for any other business. May 19 of this year, specifically. My brother Jon, a brilliant contractor in Truckee, said he’d like to take in a Giants game at Dodger Stadium and we bought some nice, albeit cheap seats on the field level along the first base line. Brothers Tom, Rudy and Jon didn’t notice I had left my sturdy softball glove in the truck.

He readily agreed (maybe he thought I meant something other than charades?), and added we could throw something in the new crock pot for dinner. Done deal. This would be homey, warm, and sickeningly romantic. This motel owner kills the guests who were staying at the hotel and plants them in the garden and keeps them alive. It’s not gory because it’s the cheap B movie production values. At one point, he has a pig head and a chain saw..

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