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There are wine and beer price reductions, but don’t miss the thoughtfully crafted, meticulously executed specialty cocktails, a great bargain at five bucks apiece. The Cuban in the Middle East adds mango and ginger beer to the mojito and doesn’t skimp on the mint, making for a lively, refreshingly delicious concoction; and there’s even a nod to The Big Lebowski with The Dude, a variation on that character’s beloved “Caucasian,” here with cardamom milk and vanilla Stoli. (123 N.

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We helping you eat healthy on a budget. You might think it costs a lot to buy the right foods but that not always true. Eating healthy foods doesn have to be as expensive as you think. It’s clear that The Sun’s editors failed to adequately supervise their columnist. The Sun is the last newspaper adequately covering San Bernardino County. We no longer have competition to turn to when a paper publishes material as baseless and loathsome as Hughes’ crass opinion.

Mark Giordano, D, Calgary Flames: “I definitely think there’s a role. But I think it’s turning more into energy guys; you don’t have the staged fights as much anymore. The fourth line now is more about creating energy for your team. 48.7 million Americans will travel 50 miles or cheap china jerseys more from home during the holiday, according to AAA. That 1 million more travelers than in 2015. Of those travelers, roughly 2 million are from the cheap jerseys Carolinas, including about 1.4 million from North Carolina.

There are many social norms that college students question from gender roles to media filtering. Valentine’s Day is not a day that is so hallowed in our society’s collective psyche that ignoring it will be detrimental. Instead, the occasion should be more voluntary, personal and adventurous.

TEENS DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE EACH OTHER: It used to be that teens wanted to dress exactly like their peers and were fixated on sporting anything with a logo from their favorite brands. Not anymore. Teens, inspired by Instagram and the like, are looking to personalize their looks, and prefer to grab items from different stores.

To prevent cockroach infestation, be aware that cockroaches love warmth, humid spots and the dark, so they can gather in your basement, kitchen and bathroom or hide just about anywhere else in your house. Use duct tape to seal the space around under sink water pipes to prevent roaches from getting in. At night, they sneak out to eat crumbs, paper with glue on it, pet food or even wax.