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Niagara Falls Review

Tiger Woods cheap jerseys is depicted as a porn loving cheapskate who showed little respect for those around him, according to leaked excerpts from Hank Haney’s soon to be published book.

Haney, who served as Woods’ coach for six years, said the golfer ordered a 24 hour adult movie station during the 2006 Ryder Cup to irritate his roomie, Zach Johnson, a devout Christian.

In the book The Big Miss, Haney wrote that Woods would make others pick up the tab for takeout orders and would leave a restaurant abruptly when he was finished eating, regardless of whether his dinner companions had finished.

“When he was done and he habitually ate fast you were done,” Haney wrote, adding that Woods “seemed to think it was funny to be cheap.”

Haney who worked with Woods from 2004 until May 2010 when he quit via text message was so intimidated by Woods and his lack of courtesy that he was afraid to ask for a Popsicle when the golfer was heading to the fridge.

“He never offered me one,” Haney wrote. “It actually took me a while to summon the courage to blurt out, ‘Hey, Bud, do you think I could have one of those Popsicles?’ ”

Regarding the golfer’s relationship with Elin Nordegren, now his ex wife, Haney wrote:

“Tiger really liked her competitive streak and seemed to enjoy treating her like one of the guys, needling her and even telling raunchy jokes around her, which Elin didn’t seem to mind.

“But as life became more complicated, I thought Elin changed. By the time she and Tiger married, she remained friendly but had become more guarded, even in her own home. She and Tiger developed a calm, almost cool relationship in front of other people, and conversations with them tended to be awkward and strained. I never saw them argue, but they weren’t openly affectionate either.”

In 2005, after Nordegren said she wanted to celebrate when Woods ended a slump by winning the Buick Invitational, she was put in her place.

Woods replied: “E, that’s not what we do. We’re supposed to win.”

Haney said Nordegren’s smile got smaller after that exchange and from that point kept her emotions under wraps.

After his numerous affairs became public in 2009, Woods underwent sex addiction treatment.

“There are some girls who are going to be after me even more now, especially the wild ones,” Woods said, according to Haney. “But what I learned is that for the rest of my life I can’t have sex with someone unless I genuinely feel something for them. If I do, I’m putting myself in jeopardy.”

Regarding his rivalry with Phil Mickelson, Woods felt his foe was phoney and got more positive media coverage perhaps motivated by racial bias, Haney wrote.

“I have no doubt Tiger felt racial vibes in what he read and heard on and off the course, especially when he was matched up against Phil,” Haney wrote.

The book will be released March 27, the week before the Masters, the first major of the season.

Last month an excerpt from the book was printed but it was rather mild, compared with the latest revelations.

At the time, Woods called the book “unprofessional” and “very disappointing,” saying he wouldn’t waste his time reading it.

Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, inferred that the timing of the book’s release, just ahead of the Masters, revealed Haney’s true colours.

“The disruptive timing of this book shows that Haney’s self promotion is more important to him than any other person or tournament,” Steinberg said. “What has been written violates the trust between a coach and player and someone also once considered a friend.”.