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I can’t believe the woman ever takes a bad photo, but that’s just me. Nevada Recovery Celebration drew between 3,500 4,000 to Cashman Center on Sunday, Chariwoman Lynn Tynan reports. In fact, people in San Francisco won’t be able to buy polystyrene foam coolers, kiddie pool toys or packing peanuts after supervisors approved a measure in June that goes far beyond the prohibition on foam food carryout containers in effect in dozens of cities and counties. Jurisdiction on the cheap insulating foam that cushions goods and keeps drinks hot or cold. They say the lightweight plastic is extremely slow to decompose, and it pollutes waterways, harming marine life and birds..

It better for me, but I don want to give anything up. I want less salt, no antibiotics, no trans fats, more fruits, more veggies. I don go out to restaurants to give stuff up; I go to restaurants to be tantalized, Greg Dollarhyde, CEO of Santa Monica based chain Veggie Grill, said by way of summarizing the typical consumer..

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